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Getting ready for spring weddings. Washed, dried, folded 14 bins of tablecloths, chair covers and all that frilly stuff they hang all over the place. 


Bolts of fabric, washed and dried, for a local company that makes dance outfits and activewear. Drives me nuts why they call them bolts!  




Yoga mats are for sitting and relaxing. Not when they come to Scrubby's. These were all washed and dried over the Easter weekend. 




Who said folding laundry could be boring! 




It happens to us too, maybe more often than we want. 



 One day this 'truck' pulled into our parking lot, and parked in front of the laundromat. All eyes turned to look. The occupants, a couple, came into Scrubby's, and asked about doing some laundry. 

The lady set about doing their laundry, as she willingly answered the many questions customers, and myself, had for her. Renate and Bruno, from Switzerland, are on a world tour. They started over 14 years ago, traveling first through South America, then all the way over to Africa, back home to Switzerland, and then to North America. 

I asked Renate if I could take a picture of the 'truck'. Jokingly she agreed, saying it would cost me a $1.00. Being unusual as it it, I bet many have contributed to that fund. Made by 'MAN', a European truck builder, this one was converted from a military personnel carrier into their home on wheels. They call it 'Pepamobile', named after their pet dog, which died in South America. 

They are now on their way to Alaska. Note the variety of license plates, and the addition of the elephant, which visited their mobile unit while in the Kalahari. Watch for the Pepamobile, and the many stories that go with it!





Folding the last of approximately 275 T-shirts! All those shirts belong to artsREACH, which is operated by the OCTA Collective Society based here in Victoria, providing free fine arts programs to elementary students. The purpose is to have the students express their individually, help build confidence and self esteem. They offer programs in Visual Arts, Theatre, Film/Video, Dance, Printmaking and Painting. That’s where the T-shirts come in. Not all the paint lands on the paper!