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Exclusive Use


Does your business need exclusive access to high-capacity washers and dryers?

As an individual, do you have a large volume of laundry to do?


Scrubby's Laundromat has the capacity to do more than 50 loads of laundry at the same time!


Exclusive Use of our washers, dryers & folding areas may be arranged with Scrubby's, outside of our normal business hours.


The fine print for Exclusive Use:

  • Exclusive Use requests are subject to review and approval by Scrubby's.
  • Exclusive Use arrangements are subject to staff availability and after-hours staffing fees.
  • Excusive Use arrangements are subject to approved credit or pre-payment.
  • Exclusive Use arrangements are subject to Scrubby's standard terms & conditions.
  • Any Exclusive Use arrangement may be cancelled by either party at any time and for any reason.


Please contact us to request an Exclusive Use arrangement.